Saturday, June 21, 2008

What to do About Old Luggage

You can pick up old suitcases for a song and turn them into some very useful and pretty containers for your home! The case featured in this post is called a "Be My Guest Case". I use it in my guest room to put all the things that my guests will need and that will make them feel at home.

I used regular latex house paint in a Robin's Egg blue to base coat the case first. I painted the bindings white and the hardware and antique gold. I am a decorative painter and pink roses are my favorite, so I poured on the pretty with rose wreaths and vines!

The interior was done with vintage fabrics from my huge stash! Isn't this just gorgeous filled with towels, guest soaps and some fragrant jams and jellies?

These cases have so many uses. Shown below, this case can also be used to store your best vintage textiles and linens. I've also made pet beds from old luggage by adding some wooden bun feet to the bottom and using the pocket in the lid for pet toys. If you make one for this purpose, you will need to devise a way to keep the lid open, so it doesn't slam shut on your little friend. I glued wooden blocks where the hinges are with the lid open and it just stays open all the time. You may have a better idea for that, but I just wanted to make note of it.

Here is the beautifully finished inside all done in pieces of my favorite fabrics from my stash. I can also see this case being used as a honeymoon case.

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