Sunday, July 6, 2008

I adore these vintage cake carriers and am always looking for ones in good condition that I can hand paint with my pink roses. This one is rather unique, as it is not just for cake, but pies as well. There is an upper compartment under the lid for pies or other items. You can even use just the bottom plate and the lid on your table for cookies or whatever else you might want to cover on your party table.

The picture below shows everything locked together with a handle that straps on for travel.

I tell ya, they just don't make lovely, clever things like this anymore and I am always thrilled to get a blast from the past like this!

The best place to look for these is in the thrift stores. I don't think I've ever found on anywhere else. For one in good condition, expect to pay as much as $12.00 for it, even at the thrift.

I sold this item on eBay last year for over $60.00.
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