Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Am I Psychic, or What?

I fear the boy is gone. Yep, I think my trainee jumped ship. As he exited the building at first break with some excuse about his friend trying to commit suicide, he quipped at the security guard that "this place has too much drama". Say what? What workplace doesn't have its share of drama?

As I said, the boy is lazy. Has no work ethic and basically just wants a job where he doesn't have to actually work. I guess being able to suck it up and press on through difficult situations is mastered with age, but I still don't get how someone so young, and in obviously better condition than my 48 year old self, can't seem to last even two weeks of physically demanding work. I got the distinct impression that he felt the job was beneath him. He made so many smart remarks about the work. Like when I showed him a certain way to handle boxes, he remarked, "Only a skill you could learn at a job like this".

Well, whatEVERRRRR. The boy has a lot to learn and I'm actually glad to be rid of him. Having him around was akin to the old ball and chain.


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