Sunday, September 7, 2008


I love sitting at my computer after a long day listening to the Savoy Express on XM radio. It's a 40's station that plays Big Band era music. I love it!!

I spent the whole day in my office/craft/sewing room chucking stuff left and right. It's a small room as it is and tends to be where everything gets put when it has no place in the rest of the house. I ended up with a construction size trash bag full of stuff to throw out. I save stuff for years and then wonder why I saved it, don't you?

De-cluttering is a way for me to revisit what I have and maybe start using it like I always tell myself I'm going to do. I set up some special notebooks and folders for all of my paper scraps and rearranged an old computer armoire that I use to store my fabric stash. I'm making some storage boxes that I'm doing decoupage on with some pretty rose wrapping paper that I found at Big Lots for a buck. I want my shelves to look prettier and tidier than they do right now. I have a bunch old USPS Priority boxes that I'll never use up, so I'm making boxes like the ones you see for magazine storage.

As I predicted, I think we'll have an early winter. There's already a chill in the air and you can see the trees and bushes beginning to turn. I decided I better get out and pick my cherry tomatoes. There are bunches of them. This is the first time I've grown these and I love them. They are so abundant. They produce fruit very fast. don't they look yummy?

I'll post some pictures of my cave tomorrow. It's too dark in here to take pictures tonight and I'm tired.

It's's's de-lovely......Good night!

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