Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lookie What I Made & Coco Chanel

OY, did I actually write that title? Moving right along...

I did as I said I would and did some crafting today. I made this eyeglass case and am thrilled with the way it came out.

I also worked on some hang tags, as you can see and find them adorable as well. They inspired me to do something else that I'll not yet reveal until I have it in full swing.

This case was created entirely of vintage fabrics. The rose print came from a vintage sheet. The stripe is from a vintage collection called "Schiaparelli" and is called "Candy Stripe". The gingham came from an old house dress that I picked up at the thrift. I used the button front to make a band and attached the green buttons at the button holes. I then took some very tiny buttons and sewed them on in random areas.

This is my first and only item in my Etsy shop right now, but I did make another strawberry out of black velvet that is not quite ready to take pictures of. It's very simple and elegant. I'll post that tomorrow, most likely.

Here are a few pics of the fabrics I promised to post from Friday. The polka dotted ones, the solid pink and the blue check are new. The other dotted and floral one is a pillowcase that I want to combine with the vintage hankie for another pin cushion. I'll used more of the pink gingham and the "grandma" hankie on another one, or maybe an eyeglass case for those. Not sure yet.

Tomorrow, I'm....YIKES, it IS tomorrow. Up way too late! Anyhow...later today, I'm going to paint some wooden eggs in between laundry and cooking, and will try to post those. I love to sew, but painting is my true passion and I haven't done it in a while.

I watched the premier of Coco Chanel on Lifetime today and found it fascinating. She's a woman after my own heart. Unconventional and never swayed by the critics and naysayers. She came from orphan... and made a grand life for herself, although her personal life was tragic in many ways. She was reclusive at times and had left the fashion world for a period of 15 years before returning in 1954. She lost her true love in a car accident and never married. She died in 1971 at the age of 88. I'm sure they'll replay the movie again, so try to catch it if you missed it.

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