Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yesterday's Take

Happy SONday, everyone! Wow, what a wonderfully lovely weekend I've had thus far! The weather is fantastic, I've gotten so much done at home and not only did I find tons of goodies on my thrift shop run yesterday, but I had enough time to put some of them to use already. Of course, I stayed up until 3:00 AM doing it, but so what?

Here are 3 new checkbook covers and another eyeglass case that I'll be putting in my Etsy shop before day's end. As with most of my creations, these are all done with vintage fabrics from my own personal collection. My favorite one has to be the one with the Dresden plate quilt pieces. I had some sections left over from a quilt I'm working on and this is a groovy way to use them.

Unfortunately, I am all out of my pink and white striped fabric. I LOVE that fabric and am so bummed I don't have any more exactly like it. However, as you see down further in another picture, I found some other stripes that are really cool, too.

And, here they are. I hit the jackpot on the pillowcase rack and found these great vintage fabrics! You'll be seeing them in my upcoming projects.

Here's my other find that just makes me giddy all over! Jim and I went to the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall and I found a bag full of this vintage rick-rack for $2.50!! I snatched that up right away!

Next, my other AWESOME find is this vintage cake carrier. I LOVE these so much and usually when I find them, they're not in very good shape, or they want too much for them. I got this one at the thrift for $2. 50!! Saturdays are half price on yellow, blue, pink and green tags. I would have paid the full $5.00 for it, but the sale price made it that much sweeter. This one is in really good shape. I picked up a glass knob that I'll be replacing the black one with. Generally, I paint these and do my roses on them, but I really hate to paint over the fancy emblem. Although I'm not real fond of the gold color, I might leave this one as is, except for the knob. I'll have to sleep on that for a while.

OK....THIS is just too precious! I saw this old chalkware baby on the shelf at the thrift for a mere $.25 cents and I was so excited. I've been looking for things like this to add to my pin cushions. This is what I stayed up so late making last night.

The ticking on the top is from a vintage Ralph Lauren pillowcase that I have just a few scraps of and the sides are tiny rose print from a sheet. The rick-rack is from the batch I just showed above.

How CUTE is this! This was a booger to make. First of all, it's oval, which I never see done, and sewing the side band to the two oval tops was a chore and a half. I wanted the baby to be "nestled" into the pillow, so I had to tuft the cushion and then hold it tightly into the the cushion while I waited for the glue to dry. It worked perfectly and I will have a hard time parting with it, but it will be in my Etsy shop this evening, too.

Look at that cute little tushie peeking out from the back of those Dr. Denton's!

Not a lot of time left here. Gotta run and put in some more laundry and then it's off to the grocery store.

Be sure and check my shop this evening for the new items.

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