Monday, October 20, 2008

Can I Keep It?

That's the question I ask myself almost every time I make something. This is a new item in my shop and I wanna keep it so bad! It is made from a vintage pillowcase that I only have one of and I do have enough to make another, but I also want to save it for another project for the shop. So goes the question and the answer is no, Deb, you have enough stuff already and that's not why you made it. *sigh*

I didn't get as much done up this weekend as I wanted to, because I had more domestically pressing matters to attend to. It hit me all of a sudden last week just how much has gone undone around here for the last 10 months since Jim first took ill. Doilies, curtains and table covers that needed laundering, closets and drawers that needed straightening and a myriad of dust bunnies hiding in vain from my Dyson. So, I spent all day yesterday bringing things back up to code around here, which left me little time to make things. I always cook and do paperwork on Sundays after church, and it seems that Sunday evenings are spent here at my computer making at least a weekly blog post. A good time for it I suppose.

Not much else to report, so I'll see you next week!

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