Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Magic Happy Face Machine

A little heads up before I continue....

For those who come to read about me and what's going on in my life aside from my crafty stuff, I will be putting personal notes at the bottom of my posts before I close, so don't miss them!

My "Magic Happy Face Machine". That's what I call my sewing machine, because most everything that comes out of it makes me smile. My hubs got it for me about 2 years ago and I adore it! It also does embroidery which I haven't taken advantage of lately, but I'm going to be making some elements to incorporate into my sewing projects for my Etsy shop and my....OH, I ALMOST forgot!! I was accepted into Lollishops and can't wait for that to open up. It's like Etsy, but for crafters who love romantic cottage FuFu, as it were. I'm so excited about it!

We went to Ft. Collins yesterday and I hit a couple of the thrift stores in Old Town. Found a couple more embellishments for my pin cushion collectibles, this sweet little duck being one of them. Then, I was lucky enough to find some red and white tiny polka dot fabric at the thrift and the Cherries and dots are new from Joann's. The pic below shows the materials I'm gathering up to make the pin cushion.

Here's another one that I'm doing with a pair of resin ballet slippers I've had in my stash for a while. I love these with the vintage rose pillowcase I found a couple of weeks ago. This one's gonna be really pretty!

Here's a piece I did a while back with the embroidery part of my sewing machine. It's a little snow baby penguin and some cute birds. I'm going to add this to one of my projects I'll be doing with the purple fabrics shown in the photo. They are a couple of fat quarters I got at Joann's on sale for 99 cents!

Another cute thing I found are these little heart charms that say "made with love" on them. I thought they'd be cute as an extra embellishment to my pin cushions and such.

Are you sick of my pillowcase finds yet? If ya are, too bad, because I LOVE vintage pillowcases. The dilemma I always have though is whether to cut them up for my projects, or use them as is. I guess you can tell I like pink, huh? I'm really trying to find some other colors, but when I see nice colors, the prints are always wrong. So...still looking. I'm starting to become very fond of yellow, which I haven't been in the past, but it's really a very pretty, cottage-y and fresh color. I like it, darn it!

Personal Note:

Last week at work was so exhausting. I worked almost 50 hours. It's been a cold and rainy weekend, a sure sign that winter isn't far off. I'm ready though. I brought out the flannel sheets and electric blankets, my warmest footies and I'm good to go!

Jim is doing pretty well. He still has pain in his tailbone area, but he's getting better every day. He's gained 20 pounds and has come back to his normal looking self. I just hope he can regain enough function in his legs and such that he may be able to resume some of the activities he enjoys.

Well, not much else to report. I'm off to do some sewing now!

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