Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Stash Runeth Over

But who's complaining? I had to go into town again this weekend and decided to swing by one of my favorite thrift shops...just to "run through quick" and take a peek. I've been looking for little vintage trinkets to adorn my pin cushions and I found a couple, but I found more fabric stuffs to add to my overflowing fabric stash. Below, I found some real linen napkins in pink with scalloped edges, which are so pretty and I also found some pretty floral cotton napkins. My most exciting find, I think anyway, are two pillow covers that are done in yellow ticking. I believe this is the original print that they did the reproduction of that is so popular and sells like hotcakes on eBay. You could buy it at Joann's, which I bought tons of it when they were closing it out. There is pink, blue and yellow. The yellow is less popular, but I really love it. It's so fresh and springy and definitely has a place in our cottage style homes.

Here are a few of the pin cushions I've done up in the last few days. I really love the duck one with the rick rack. I did that one out of a vintage pillowcase. I also like the Cocker Spaniel. I do country things once in a while and this one came out really cute.

I sold the little baby pin cushion featured in my previous post. I think it only lasted a day before someone bought it. I knew it would go quickly. So adorable!

I am currently working on a pattern for a wallet. My own design once again. I have the pattern done and am working on the prototype. It's sort of like the first pancake. It'll probably not be good enough to sell and there will be some kinks to work out. I'm feeling pretty good about it though. I'll show you what I come up with when it's ready.

On the personal side.....

It looks like Jim's journey has finally reached its end. No more visiting nurses. No more IV's. No more trips to the infectious disease doctor. And, there will be no flap surgery. The wound has little more than a week and I think it will be closed up entirely. The plastics doctor says he really doesn't see the point now.

So, now begins the journey to rehabilitation. We don't yet know how much of what he lost will come back and how much will remain. He still suffers from the foot drop and walks with a marked limp. We are hoping that over time, as he becomes more active, that this will clear up and he can once again walk normally.

I can't give any details, but our attorney is getting ready to approach the hospital. He has his ducks in a row and his experts at the ready who all say that the hospital was negligent. So I am hoping that we win this case and that we at least get enough compensation to pay for the bills and the continued medical treatment that may arise in the future. Jim lost 10 months of his life. We lost our business and he may have lost a lot of his quality of life. Something a simple wound culture could have prevented. Something a simple turning of him in the bed back in December. This year has been pure hell for us, but the bad part is behind us now.


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