Sunday, December 14, 2008

Handmade Christmas Inventive Neccessities

I told you in another post about our family's choice to have a handmade Christmas this year and in that vein, I was wrapping some gifts today and discovered that I was out of tags. I couldn't print any either, because I need a new ink cartridge, the old saying goes..."Necessity is the Mother of Invention", and so I needed to come up with an alternative to store bought tags that didn't look like I just threw something together because I had no tags. Here are some pictures of what I came up with and I'm thinking these are pretty cool and I'll do this, or something similar every year! I love them!

These first three are really fun and easy. I just cut out a portion of the wrapping paper and then cut around the edges with my scalloped scrapbooking scissors. Then I just glued it to a piece of white card stock and then cut that out with the same scissors, which makes a very cute embellishment. I leave enough room to put the "To:" and "From:" and there you go! A really cute tag. I attached it by punching two holes on each side and then threading some ribbon through.

This one was just done using a simple square and I took some light pastel markers to make a cute plaid pattern and I did the scalloped cards tock border on it, too, and look how cute it is!

I don't think I'll ever buy another name tag again. Making them is so much fun and a lot more interesting.

I did the same thing for the little kid's gifts that I bought for a needy family through the "Giving Tree" at work. I really hope this will make their holiday fun and festive. It's a a mom and dad with 5 children and without our help, they couldn't afford to have Christmas, so I'm so pleased that I could be a part of this effort.

I have a couple more things to make and then I'll be all set!

On another note:

We got a pretty good storm last night and it's so cold here I can barely stand it. I keep my furnace at at around 65 to save on heating bills and that means the three "S's". Socks, Slippers and Sweats! Thank goodness for electric blankets! I turn mine on about half an hour before bed so it's warm and toasty when I get in. LOVE THAT!

One more full week of work, and then we get two short weeks. One great thing about working for Sears Holdings is that we get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off WITH PAY, and the same for New Year's Even and New Year's day. So, we'll get Weds, Thurs off two weeks in a row. We're hoping we might also get at least one of the Friday's off, which would make it a 5 day weekend! Depends on how busy we are. The Christmas rush is over, but believe it or not, we're getting springtime stuff in now.

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