Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to the World Little One

The wait is over and I'm in love! Mason Robert (Bobby) Anderson came into the world at 3:28 PM on Tuesday, December 30th. 4 Days early. He was born by C-section, because Mom was in labor too long and the baby was getting stressed. More details after the pictures.

This is Mom and Dad...Jenna & DJ with baby Mason shortly after his birth.

I think this is an absolutely beautiful picture. Jenna is somewhat out of it due to pain meds, but they just look so quiet and peaceful together.

I remember my son telling me that when Mason was born, he believed in love at first sight.

He has a good set of lungs, too!

Jenna went into the hospital on Monday about 1:00 PM. She was having some pain in her back the night before and decided to go on in. They put her on some monitors to see what was happening and while that was going on, she lost her mucus plug. Shortly thereafter, she began some serious labor. She was given an epidural the next morning around 4:30 AM. She was in labor for most of the day, but was not dilating like she should, so they decided to do a C-section and so our little Mason was born.

The baby's sugar has been low and they've had him on an IV since yesterday. They are sending Jenna home tomorrow..Friday..., but little Mason may have to stay a bit longer. Jenna is really upset about it, but we want the baby to be 100% before he goes home.

I cried my fool head off when I first saw him. He is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

More later.

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