Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our New President & About Jenna

I don't normally talk about politics on my blog, and my Republican friends and family are a bit concerned that I crossed party lines this election, as I've always been a dedicated Republican. I voted for Barack Obama and am absolutely thrilled that he has become our next president. I voted for George Bush twice and still can't figure out why I did the second time, but I've become so disillusioned by the Republican party lately and so inspired by Barack Obama. Maybe I'm being led down the Primrose Path, but I haven't been this inspired by a president since Ronald Reagan.

Hope is what keeps us all moving through life and gives us the perspective and the strength to move on when things seem so bleak. Obama gives me hope. Hope that this country can be turned around and that we can all prosper. I may, someday, have to eat these words, but for now, I'll savor the moment.

About Jenna, Mason's Mommy....

I promised to tell you about what is going on with my daughter-in-law. As I mentioned, she had to have a c-section when Mason was born. She got an infection in her incision, because the hospital didn't clean her skin good enough before they cut into her and she got E-COLI in there!! NOW, here's the KICKER. This is from the SAME hospital where Jim contracted the Necrotizing Fasciitis! I didn't want her to go to this hospital, but, of course, her insurance company dictates where she has to go. I was absolutely livid when I found out about this and I said to the doctor...." I am beginning to thing this hospital is in the business of giving people life threatening illnesses!" She looked at me funny and then I told her about what happened to Jim. Of course, she's going to cover up for the hospital, but JEEZ, what is it with them that they can't be cleaner about things?

She had to have her incision reopened and it has to heal without the stitches for now. They may stitch her back up at a later date to finish the healing.

Just as with Jim last year, the kids are staying with me right now and we have a visiting nurse coming in daily to change dressings, etc.. Can you even believe it?? January TOO, just like last year.

BUT, I'm not going to begin 2009 with thoughts that this may be another bad year, because there are so many other wonderful things going on in my life right now and the bad things will pass.

A bit of promising news about my lost files.....

A while back, I sold my laptop to my oldest son and sent me an e-mail last night telling me he had about 5 gigs of my stuff on it. SO, I'm hoping that there are a bunch of the files that I lost. Pray for me!!

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