Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finally! Some Inspiration!

I have been dabbling at a new graphic collection for Pollyanna Graphics for months now. It's called "A Vintage Girl's Life" and after I drew the first image, my inspiration and desire to draw just fell flat! I posted it as "coming soon" on the site and have had a number of people wanting to know when it will be finished. I just couldn't get past the creative block and couldn't think of a thing to add or which direction to go. I couldn't decide on a color palette. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do something Kitsch-ish....fifties...or what.

Well, tonight I was surfing around looking at some vintage table cloths for sale on some site I stumbled upon and there it was! color palette and the whole ball of wax just hit me! My mind began spinning with ideas and I've spent the last three hours working on the collection. Below is a little preview. I am REALLY excited about this set!

This sample is degraded to save load time, but as with all of my work, you will receive them in clear, crisp condition.

Leave a comment and lemme know what ya think! Now that I'm on a roll I should have this done soon.

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