Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

Just as I was winding down from complaining about sales being slow on Etsy, etc., I had two more sales today and I sold some postage stamps on Zazzle! I sold one of my favorite checkbook covers and tissue holder. I'm starting to pick up steam and I've got more I need to add, but finding time to craft is a little hard right now. Every time I sit down to start on a project, something comes up and I have to run and take care of it first. By the time I'm done with whatever it is, it's time to do something else that's higher on the priority list, like making dinner. OY, it never seems to end!

I've got to do better with time management and staying focused. I think I'm feeling some of the mental effects of menopause. I have a hard time staying on task and find myself running around doing this and that all day and never really getting anything done. I'll be 49 this year and I've decided that I really have to make a very conscious effort to stay on task and concentrate on what I'm doing. I'm so easily distracted that it's not even funny. Is it just me?

In any event, I'm also finding so many reasons why I'm loving this time of my life. Much of it has to do with the level of maturity that you reach by the time you're this age, and the amount of patience that I seem to have. The way you view your life and cope with your problems makes it easier to handle and not as hard as things seemed in my younger years, even though some of the things I've gone through lately are worse than anything I dealt with in my twenties. KWIM?

I'm really enjoying my life right now, especially being a grandmother. I get all the joy and none of the sleepless nights, appointments with the pediatrician and the expense. What could be better?

The best part of all is that I am completely debt free! Thank you Dave Ramsey!!

I've almost finished a couple of things for my shop and will post them soon. As soon as I get the drivers installed for the kid's camera, I'll post some more pictures of little Mason.

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