Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh How They Change

Gosh, I have fallen off in regard to blogging lately....I'm sorry. Been insanely busy lately with the new baby and all. It's February 1st and I'm feeling the springtime bug! Aren't you? I always get antsy for spring right about now.

Some of you had asked about the baby, so I thought it was time to post some new pics of my adorable grand baby. He's right at one month old and gosh has he changed! He is the center of all of our worlds right now.

What else is new? Well, not a whole lot. I've been trying to rebuild my cache of graphic files and am having to recreate some things, like the Vintage girl's life collection that I was working on. Fortunately, I hadn't gotten too much of it done, so it won't be too awful hard to start over. There's a silver lining in every dark cloud, and I actually found some wonderful inspiration for the collection while trying to recoup some of my losses.

I've also got some new stuff in the works for crafty projects and I need to finish the "crown" I posted about a while back. It is so cute and I need to finish it.

I may also take a vacation soon. I have a week coming as of today, so I'll be scheduling that soon! I get another week in August.

I'm sorry for not visiting my blog buds and I'm going to do that today. I hate missing out! Will be posting some goodies soon!

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