Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vintage China-A Cottage Style Staple

Cottage decorating wouldn't be complete without lovely pieces of china.  What makes it mose authentic is when it's done over time...piece by piece.  The pieces shown in the photos below were collected over a 15 year period of time.  You might not think it much for that many years of collecting, but I am particular about the pieces I buy.  Years ago, when I first began collecting blue and white china,  ( which I adore and will feature later) if it was blue and white, I bought it! After my tastes matured and I became more discerning about my purchases, I ended up getting rid of a lot of it and only keeping the really special ones.

The large, round plate in the backdrop to the right in this photo was purchased at one of my favorite thrift stores for a measly $1.50!  I bought it because it reminded me of those beautiful and very expensive Bavarian plates that are so highly collectible.  It's got the "look" and that's what matters most to me.  I am not in it for resale value.  I am in it for what makes me happy and pleases my eye.   If I love it, that's good enough for me.

I didn't buy this set.  It was given to me by my DH for Mother's Day and was full of beautiful flowers.  But, I LOVE the teapot, cup and saucer.  He knows me pretty well.  :-)

Cottage, romantic, not just pink and white like I see so often.  Yellow is also not a color you see a lot and not as popular as some other colors, but I think it has a place in cottage decorating.  I adore this yellow cup and saucer and snatched it up right away at a yard sale last year.

Random teacups and saucers set about make perfect cottage accents.  Oh, and did I mention I LOVE chintz?  Chintz is very expensive and not a pattern you can easily find in reproductions, so I do have a a couple of pieces that I just couldn't live without, the top set in the photo below being one of them.  The other is a square,  Royal Winton  dish shown in the first photo.

My ALL time most favorite china pattern is Royal Albert "Old Country Roses".  If I didn't already have 3  full sets of china, I would invest in this one.  This is the most gorgeous pattern I've ever laid eyes on.  It isn't cheap, so right now I have only a single cup and saucer.  I am planning to get the teapot in this pattern and that will be all for that.

This divided platter in the back was purchased on eBay and would you believe  my winning bid was only $8.00?  I don't know where everybody was that day, but it was my lucky day.  This piece is so lovely!

I have other pieces and sets of china that I'll be showing in the future.  If you're just starting out,   your "cottage" will be in need of some pretty china pieces and you'll have a great time looking for them!

Lastly, I urge you to use the things you buy.  I don't believe in just putting things on a shelf marked "don't touch".  I put the items to use whenever I can.

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