Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Would You Grab?

OK, so I'm having a really nice weekend and today, in my opinion, was a lovely weather day. I was home alone. Everyone else was off doing other things. It was overcast and somewhat cool. I really like it like that. I lazed around most of the day and at about 1:30 I decided I should probably go take a shower. So, I'm standing there with my hair full of shampoo and all of a sudden.....the "air raid siren" starts going off. That can only mean on e thing....a TORNADO has been spotted over our area. I start freaking out, because I don't know how close it is, or how much time I might have to escape. I am frantically trying to rinse the suds out of my hair and I bolt from the shower trying to dry off a little and find something to put on. I look out the window and I can see the funnel cloud descending downward. I go into panic mode. Of course, it's times like this that you can't find ANYTHING you're looking for. So, I grabbed a pair of sweat pants that were hanging on the back of my door....yanked a t-shirt out of the drawer and put it on quick...skipping the undergarments....slipped my feet into my Crocs and then started thinking about what I needed to grab before I leave the house. I chose my purse and my laptop.

What would you grab in that situation?

I turn off the TV and run to my car. Right before I get into the car, my son, Dj calls me up and I can't hear him due to the deafening sound of the siren. I yell to him that I'll call him when I get away from it. I start heading toward my son, Jason's house, because he has a basement and lives nearby. I call his cell phone on the way and it turns out he's in another city and his girlfriend is at work and they're not there. So, I decided to turn around and head for the fire station where there's a tornado shelter. When I came close to my house again, I don't see the twister anymore and the siren was off. I decided it was probably safe to go back home.

When I got back inside, I became aware that my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. It took me a minute to come back down to earth and I was just relieved that it had passed us by. However, it did touch down in another city and caused some minor damage to some homes and cars. Nobody was hurt though, last I heard.

WHEW, what a day!

I did manage to salvage the rest of the day and when my daughter got home we sat down and watched Slumdog Millionaire. It was a really good movie. I was glad, because the last "critically acclaimed" film I saw was The Wrestler and I hated it. In my opinion, it was a low budget piece of trash with a horrible ending. It left me saying, "Is that it???" I am glad I didn't go out and buy it like I often do with movies.

We cleaned out the shed on Saturday and did some outside sprucing up and the yard looks really nice.

So, that's about it for now. I was up early and am super tired, so I'm off to bed.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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