Thursday, October 8, 2009

Machine Embroidery

OK, I've had this awesome Singer sewing/embroidery machine for about 5 years now and have used the sewing part a lot. When I first got it, I had a ball messing with the embroidery part. I collected tons of designs, but I always wanted to learn to digitize my own designs and let me tell you, it's no easy task to learn. I bought a program on eBay called Embroidery Magic 2, which was the least expensive of all the programs I considered buying. I didn't want to invest a lot of money until I made sure I really wanted to pursue it.

Well, I hit a brick wall when I first opened the program to start using it. :-0 I'm usually pretty good at figuring out programs, but this one boggled my mind. So, I ended up spending another $50 for a tutorial manual and DVD's. I procrastinated on that for a long while, too. I'm all set now, right? Wrong. It's very involved and the tutorials are quite lengthy.

However, I will not be deterred! I really want to learn this, so I'm going to begin this weekend with the tutorials and get down to some serious business. I want to incorporate some of my own digitized designs into my projects. I have some great ideas in my head and I WILL bring them to fruition. I figure if I can master Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, then I can do this.

So, with that said...if I seem to disappear for a while, you can bet I'm working on some great new things to offer up!

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