Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Beauty of an Unmade Bed

I've always thought of an unmade bed as messy and unsightly, but for some reason, this sight seemed pleasant and relaxing to me.  I had just gotten up and threw some pillows on the bed and it was somehow pretty.  I guess the moral of the story is that tidiness doesn't necessarily make the room.  Not that I am recommending that we stop making our beds, but you know what I mean.

My redecorating project is coming along and this rare find moves it ahead by leaps and bounds!  The best part is that I only paid $2.00 for this at one of my local thrift stores.  My daughter was with me and we were on opposite sides of the linen racks looking through the old pillowcases and such.  I'm sliding hangers  to the right at a feverish pace when I hear my daughter say, "Mom!"  I look up at her and she's holding the most awesome piece of black and white toile in her hand!  I snatched it right away and discovered it was a very nice quality.  Upholstery or drapery weight and the background is somewhat tea stained.  It's gorgeous and I'll be using it in my kitchen probably for curtains.  It's a huge piece at 80 X 80 Inches!

As you can see, this was made in Italy and I bet it wasn't cheap for whoever bought it new.

I think this was meant to be used as a tablecloth and I kind of hate to cut into it, but it will serve my purposes better when it becomes curtains paired with some large red gingham!

More to come....

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