Thursday, February 11, 2010

Victorian Ephemera Decoupage Box

I've had this box in my stash for quite some time and it's time for it to find a new home.  I'm doing my yearly de-stashing and it's one of a lot of items that I'll be putting in my Etsy shop, a tag sale in the spring or on Craigslist.  Since this is a handmade item, Etsy it is!

It's really quite lovely.  Totally enveloped in gorgeous vintage Victorian imagery and lined with a very pretty paisley print!  It should be viewable shortly.

I also added this cute quilted journal cover to my shop a few days ago, so head on over and check things out.

I've got more things in the works if time will cooperate with me.  Hop over and ready my personal blog to find out what else is going on that keeps me busy.

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