Sunday, April 25, 2010

Barnyard Fowl

No, your memory isn't deceiving you.  I have changed my color scheme once again.  That's the way we graphic designers are.  Restless minds always needing a fresh view.  I like the blue.  It goes with more colors in my photos and embraces a wider variety of styles, and since I'm in love with so many styles, this should work out well.

I brought home some barnyard friends this past week when I was on vacation.  I got them at the Bellvue Country Store where things are on consignment.  I was thrilled to find these and I only paid $75.00 for the whole lot!  I got a set of canisters, salt and pepper shakers and a tea set.  The canisters will probably just be used for display, because I have other ones that I use in the kithcen and they look great on the end of my big kitchen table.  The tea set and salt and pepper shakers are at home on the half round shelves in the built-in.

I've also been making progress on my kitchen make-over.  I got my curtains and built-in sideboard cloth done and the next thing to tackle are the walls.

Here are the fabrics I used for the curtains.  The toile has a story behind it.  As many of you know, Wally World always has a discount fabric table and I was passing by it one day and out of the corner of my eye, I see a bolt of this blue and white toile sitting there.  I did a double-take and was like WHAT???  Toile on the discount table!!  I went over and dug it out and was also amazed to see the pattern on it.  It was not the typical old world-European motif you always see.  It was an American farmhouse style and I was thrilled!  Best of all, it was marked $3.00 a yard!  So, I bought the whole bolt which came up to almost 9 yards.  I still have a lot left over and was thinking of making some placemats of some pillows for the livingroom.

We're on mandatory overtime again this Monday and I don't get my third day off this week.  So, I didn't get a chance to make anything for my shop.  I've also got a boat load of DIY projects for around the house this summer, but I will try to fit some things in.

I just got home from churc a bit ago.  I went to the 8:00 AM service,  so I'm off to start Sunday dinner.  Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

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