Saturday, April 17, 2010

Treasures From Home

Spring has sprung, and comes the time that we, the siblings, chose to begin the task of liquidating my mother and father's estate.  It's not anything that we have looked forward to, but I did manage to come away with some things that are of great sentimental value to me. 

We all met up last Saturday at the house and started sorting through things throughout the house.  It was all very ammicable and there weren't any arguments about who would take what.  Everyone seemed to be satisfied with the outcome. 

We decided that once everyone took what they wanted out of the house, that we would have an estate sale and whatever is left after that will be donated or discarded.  We also made the choice to sell the house and split the money equally among us.  I had talked about maybe moving into the house myself, but I would be taking on more responsibility and work at a time when I'm trying to keep my life simple.  So, this was the best for all concerned.

I won't show you everything that I brought home, but there are a few things that are especially meaningful to me.

First, is my mom's cookie jar that's been around for years. It's very large and made out of ceramic by a company called Treasure Craft. 

Another of my favorite things that mom had in her bedroom were these lamps.  She bought these years ago at Homestead House when they bought their first house together.  These are so pretty and quite large.  One sits on a table, and the other hangs.  I will eventually find just the right place for them.  Their current locations are only temporary.

Here's something I passed over several times before I finally picked them up and looked at them.  I have two of these and they are candle holders for Christmas.  When I saw what it said on the bottom, "Holt Howard 1961",  I snatched them up...made sure nobody else wanted them....and put them in my own collection.  These are almost 50 years old.

I also did a little thrifting last weekend and picked up a couple really nice bags.  The first one is a vintage tweed and leather Croft and Barrows that I will save for this fall and winter.  I absolutely LOVE this bag.  Of course, I adore tweed.  I think it's a classic material and old Harris Tweed is really big right now.

The second back has no label on it anywhere, so I have no idea who makes it.  It is leather and I just loved the color and the shape.  A great bag for spring!

I decided to take a a couple of vacation days, so I don't have to go back to work until Thursday.  Aside from trying to get my yard in shape and my pots ready for some plants, I am hoping to get some sewing done.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend are you find yourself full of springtime inspiration!

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