Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling Blessed Today

I am feeling so blessed to be able to finally replace my old computer.  It’s a Sony Vaio and has been…and still is…a great computer, but it’s really limiting me when it comes to drawing graphics.  I like to do digital scrapbooking, but the file sizes are so huge, that it really eats up system resources and is very slow.  Right now, I only have  1 GB of RAM. It’s 9 years old, too.
Plus, my daughter’s computer gave up the ghost for the last time this past weekend.  We’ve been having issues with it that I’ve always been able to fix, but not this time.  It’s done…dead…gone.  So, she’ll get my old one.
I prayed about it and asked God if it would be ok for me to go ahead and get a new one,  and I feel ok in doing so.  Plus, I did my homework and didn’t jump into the first thing I saw and I think I’m getting a pretty good deal on this.
I ordered this one from Dell.  It has a huge monitor and 6 GB of RAM.  I didn’t even know they made that much RAM.  I can’t wait to see how fast that’s gonna be.  The monitor is gigantic to me.  21.5” compared to the 17” one I have now.  They come in colors and I picked Red.  I love red.

I have to wait until the 28th before it’s delivered.  I’m really excited about it, because it will help me to move quicker toward my goal of quitting my job and working from home,  doing what I love.  Graphic arts are my first true love.
I’ll let ya know when it gets here!
Have a happy week!
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