Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Coach? NO WAY!

Have you ever seen something so extravagant that  you wouldn’t even contemplate owning it?  Something that might make you say, “holy smokes, I could never imagine paying that much money for (fill in the blank)!”

My 5oth birthday was on the 11th and my kids decided to throw me a party yesterday in celebration.  I was feeling so blessed just to be with the family and enjoying the food and conversation.  After we ate, my son brings out the most chocolate-ee cake I’ve ever seen and a fairly good sized box wrapped up so pretty.

He tells me to sit down while they sing happy birthday to me as my R.I.P. candles are burning brightly.  ::smile::  My face is red and I’m a little uncomfortable being the center of attention.  I’m used to the fun of making other people’s days special and I was feeling a bit like a princess at that moment.

My son, Jason, pushes the box towards me and says, “C’mon, Mom, open your present"!”

I started peeling back the paper and I see a white box with the word “Coach” in red at the corner.  I thought…naaaah, it couldn’t be that..  They must’ve just used the box from the purse that my son’s girlfriend bought about a month ago.

So, I continue to work my way into the box and OH MY GOSH!!  It WAS an AUTHENTIC COACH HANDBAG.  I’m saying over and over..NO WAY!.

I’m still pinching myself this morning.  It’s the most gorgeous shade of sage green.




I just had to share this, or I was gonna burst!    

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