Monday, September 6, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

I hope this finds you all having a restful labor day weekend such as the one my family and I enjoyed.  We went up on “the hill” as we usually do for family get togethers.  We had our usual cook-out and spent some time chasing cows off the property.  Cows that belong to an old woman living on the mountain who feels that her cows should be allowed to roam free and feed off the land of other’s.  I won’t go into that constant battle.  I’ll save that for another day.

First, I want to share some pictures of the drive up to our mountain house to give you a sense of how really secluded it is.


This is a stretch of road that is narrower than it appears.  It’s rocky and rough in a few spots.


If you look off to the left in this picture, you can see the road going up to the house before I get to the creek and make a left turn.


This is right before the turn.  If you look straight ahead, that is actually a road that continues on.  It doesn’t get used a lot and is very scary.  I won’t drive on it.  I guess someone lives up that road somewhere.


And there’s our street sign.  Chopp is my husband’s last name and when his father bought this property back in 1960, there were no roads.  He had to cut one in and the county let him name the road himself.


And up we go!!  The house is at the top of the hill.  I am not showing pictures of the house right now as it’s under a bit of construction.

I didn’t take pictures of our BBQ or guests, because you’ve seen them all before in the same setting in other photos I’ve posted, but I just have to share the gorgeous pictures of the property belonging to our long-time neighbor and friend, Terry.  Terry is our only neighbor that is somewhat close by.  We have 28 acres and he’s adjacent to us on one side.

Terry put up a log cabin next to the main house this summer and it’s to die for!  It’s about 14 ft. by 20ft and he uses it for guests.


He’s been doing some stone work that is just gorgeous as well.


I couldn’t take a photo of the front side, because as you can see, it’s built on the side of the mountain and there’s nowhere to stand to take a photo like that.


This photo doesn’t even begin to truly depict the size of that buffalo head.  It is huge, believe me!  Terry is a hunter as you’ll see from the photos.  This is where we get most of our meat.  He hunts buffalo, deer, antelope and elk and since he can’t eat it all himself, he’s more than willing to share.


He put skylights in the roof which is a nice touch.


Since Terry’s property is build on the side of a steep hill, he has meandering decks running around at all sorts of levels.  This area is actually over a part of the roof of his main house.  Gorgeous view!


Move forward to the edge and this is what you see.  A lower deck with a hot tub and more planter boxes.


Here’s how it looks from the cabin side.


This was just so cute I had to snap a shot.  This thing is quite large.  About 2ft. tall.


Another cute thing next to chicken coop. 


We left to come back down town at around 6:30 PM.  I like to leave out at this time, because there is always wildlife grazing close to the road.  Here’s a very UN afraid doe that we found alongside the road.

So, it’s been a very relaxing weekend and I’m going to finish it off with a good steak, a movie and a long night’s sleep.

Have a wonderful week and happy Labor Day!

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