Saturday, January 1, 2011

Alrighty Then…..

Things are back in order to a large degree here and so I’m ready to do my first real post of the new year.  There’s a lot on my mind, so sit a spell.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  One of the best I can remember.  Everyone was able to get here all at the same time.  We ate….and ate some more.  Played games, reminisced and…ate some more.  Amazingly, I gained no weight.  I think my metabolism has changed with the change of my eating habits.

I don’t go out on New Year’s Eve.  Too many crazys on the road…too expensive… and we had our first snow of the season, which was fairly heavy.  It’s bitterly cold and I was content to stay home with a glass of wine and Skype with the rellies around the country.

I am not a really a resolution maker in the traditional sense, but I do set personal goals for myself,  and what better time to start than the beginning of the year?  I’m always a work in progress,   and I’ve reached a few very important personal goals in terms of my lifestyle and habits.  It’s just a continuation of that.

This year’s deal I’ve made with myself  is financial.  I’m going to attempt to teach myself temperance about my spending habits.  I am pretty careful with my money, but I do see room for improvement.  I got a bit of a wake up call today when I was cleaning out my craft room/office.  I kept thinking…”why did you buy this….and this….or that?  I see a lot of ways to cut back.

I am still on a mission to simplify and will once again go on a massive de-cluttering binge.  I started it today and will continue on until I’m satisfied that everything that remains are things I really love…can really use…really need…and will really create with.  I will also be more mindful of what I bring into the house in the future.

I think a good year is ahead as I am also focusing on not being so scattered.  I’m going to put all of my creative energy into a couple of things and stop trying to be super-crafter! 

I also don’t like to make a big deal of the gift thing on Christmas, but I did get something that I’m pretty excited about and will go a long way in keeping things uncluttered.   This is the Sony eReader.  It’s like the Kindle, which you’ve probably heard of and if not, click the image to find out more.   This little gadget will hold up to 50,000 books!  How’s that for de-cluttering?  I love to read and am enjoying this so much!  It has a long battery life and makes reading in bed much easier as well.  Love that!



What are your goals for the new year?


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