Monday, January 17, 2011

iPhone Cases and Adorable Jewelry

I’ve talked about Zazzle on my blog before,  so I’ll assume ya’ll know what it is, but if not, click HERE to find out.

I spent most of my weekend working on new products for the shop and had a ball.  Doncha love it when you get a surge of inspiration that seems to come out of nowhere?  I’ve got the bug again and I’m going to take full advantage of it.  Graphic design is my first love and while I was digging through some old CD’s, I came across some things I had forgotten all about.  I decided to resurrect and use some of them, because I still love them and they’re timeless.

Zazzle offers 3g and 4g iPhone cases and they also have cases for the iPad, but I haven’t done any of those yet, because the graphic files are huge.  I’ll get to it though.

Here are a few cases I made up yesterday. Each design comes in the 3g and 4g models. These are done with some of Harrison Fisher’s illustrations and I’ll be making more of these. 

You can also customize these with your name, or leave them as they are.

Click the photos for more details.





I also made up some necklaces that are so adorable I’m going to order some for myself and I’m going to do some photo necklaces for next Christmas.

These necklaces are sterling silver.

I adore this teddy bear.  He is one of my very first original bear designs that was part of some of my graphic collections years ago at  He is completely mouse drawn.

Click on them for more info.


This little bear is also my original creation and is from my Pettibone Bear adoptable series that was also offered at  This is part of the Birth Flower Series and when I finish, there will be one for every month.  Right now, there are 5 of the 12 complete and I’m working on the rest.  These are a bit time consuming, but well worth the effort.  They are so cute.


I’m taking a 9 day vacation beginning on the 31st and I’ve got some great stuff coming up for my Etsy shop.  I’m so excited!

I hope you had a lovely and creative weekend as well and now I’m off to visit some of you.


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