Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Diamond in the Rough

I have always wanted to buy a fixer upper house for really cheap and turn it into my dream home.  I have been looking for a better place to live and right now, it’s a buyer’s market out there!  If you are thinking of buying, get out there and start looking.  Especially at HUD homes.  You can get some fantastic bargains!

I looked at a house today that,  at first glance,  I was almost repulsed by the work needed to get this house in shape.  Every square inch of the interior needs painting.  Some of the baseboards are gone.  The register grills all need replacing and the closet doors are all missing.  There are no appliances, except for a dishwasher.   Even the range hood in the kitchen is gone. 

The ONLY thing in this house that is in good shape…..NO….in EXCELLENT shape….is the carpet.  It looks brand new and it’s a color that will go with my décor.

However, I was about ready to walk away until I saw the basement and the garage.  The basement is newly finished with drywall, paint and carpet,  and the laundry room is HUGE with a rough-in for yet another bathroom.  The garage has an opener, access to the inside of the house (I was surprised at the number of townhouses that don’t)  and enough room for my car and a good sized work space.

So, I took pause and got to thinking…..this house is advertised as a 3 bedroom.  BUT, with the finished room in the basement, that makes 4!  The main level has a living room and family room, and there’s yet another area of the basement that serves as a second family room.  That’s like having 3 living rooms! 

The main living room has a really cute bay window and with a little creativity, the staircase could be so dramatic!

The family room off the kitchen has a fireplace and there’s also a dining room with a pass-through to the kitchen.  There’s a built in hutch as well.

Here are some photos.  These came from the realtor’s site, but I’ll be taking more pics in the coming days of things that aren’t show here.










I want this house really bad!  Wish me luck on it.  It’s a HUD home, so I have to submit and electronic bid.  Nobody has bid on this property because there is a lot of work to be done and appliances to buy, but I am in a position to do that.  They’re asking $85,000 and I’m gonna offer them $75,000

If I get it, I’m going to hire a painter to come in and paint the whole inside before I move in.  I’ll let ya know how it goes!


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