Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Work Begins

I finally closed on the house on the 12th and am just now getting a minute to update you all on this wonderfully nerve-wracking  journey I’ve just begun.

Working 40 hours a week doesn’t give me much time to work on this diamond in the rough, but I do a little each day to get things in order.  Every wall in the house is in serious need of paint.  You may remember my mentioning that a few posts ago. 

I spent this past couple of weeks just getting things together enough to get through everyday life.  Right after closing, we were rushing around trying to get things fixed before moving in.  In 2 ½ days time, we had a new furnace put in, replaced the kitchen sink and fixtures…replaced the sink and fixtures in the upstairs bathroom…put in a new front door…replaced all the water valves going to the toilets,  sinks and washing machine and repaired the innards of one of the toilets.  These were the most pressing things.

The first night I moved in, I spent 2 ½ hours scraping hard water deposits off the tiles in the shower with a razor blade scraper.  The previous occupants  weren’t the cleanest people and there was so much lime build-up in the shower stall that 100 gallons of Lime Away wasn’t enough.  I worked and worked on it….even went as far as taking the scraper in the shower with me so I could work on it a little more while bathing.  I know it sounds nuts, but I absolutely have to have a clean and nice looking shower.  It looks pretty good now.  I need to redo the caulk and then it will be really nice.

I began painting today.  I started with the dining room and will do the adjoining family room next.  Then the kitchen.

Here are a couple of pictures after the painting.  If you remember, the trim around this pass-through from the kitchen  was an ugly dark brown wood, and of course, the walls were really dingy.  The wall color I chose is a creamy wheat color and I used an antique white on the trim and on the ceiling.  It’s so fresh and clean now!



This picture to the right belonged to my late mother and was her favorite.  It’s an oil painting and it looks really nice in this room.  I will show you another photo after I load up my china cabinet and put all the pretties out. I’m going to use the little built in for my wine glasses.


I plan to share my progress over the next few months, so I hope you’ll come along with me and give me your feedback.



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