Monday, December 5, 2011

Fireplace Transformation










I can’t even believe this is the same fireplace. I bought some Kilz Masonry Primer and put that on after cleaning the tiles well. The topcoat is a country white.  It’s so fresh and clean.  This is also my accent wall in Hot Chocolate. 

This used to be a wood burning  fireplace but was converted to gas by the previous owners.  The cubby to the left is where you would put firewood, but I’m going to put shelves in it and use it for my components once I hang my TV above the fireplace.  I need to figure out how to conceal the wiring first.  I am just in love with this and it’s proof positive that paint is your first line of defense in renovating dated spaces.  It’s also the least expensive part!

I’ve got a bit more wall painting to do in the family room and then it’s on to the kitchen.  I am really antsy to get started in there. 

Here is my finished dining room.  I still need to put my wine glasses away in the built-in and change fall decorations for Christmas.



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