Monday, January 9, 2012

Promise You Won’t Laugh


Initially, what happened today made me so mad, but I think this may have ended up being a blessing in disguise as so many things are. 

My dryer crapped out today and the part that made me so mad is that it’s less than three years old and I’ve been through so many washers and dryers in the last few years that I’m just disgusted with them altogether! 

I think I figured out what happened.  My laundry room is in the basement and it vents up and comes out just above the ground (maybe 2”) where my patio is.  Some leaves and other debris blew up under the vent and I think it kept the hot air from escaping, which caused the dryer to overheat.  After some Google-ing, I figured out that it’s probably just a thermal fuse and I can repair that myself.

Coincidentally enough…just last night….I was reading a blog and this lady was talking about how she had lived without a dryer for years and has no desire to go back.  I remembered her post and started thinking about how I could dry clothes in the winter.  I always dry outside in the warmer months, but how to do it inside?  Hmmmmm

I had a light bulb moment and voila'!  Lookie what I made!


Now here’s where you have to promise not to laugh.  This is the clothesline that I use OUTSIDE in the summer.  It sticks in a hole in the ground with a sleeve  in it and since I don’t  have a hole in the basement floor to stick it in, I did this…


I turned the green tub upside down and put some of that nubby rubber stuff under the tub and the pole so it won’t slide around.  But…how to attach the top? Got it covered!


I have a homemade rod hanging from chains close to the wall, so I used small bungee  cords to secure two sides to keep it standing.  It pulls the clothesline toward the wall and holds it securely.  All I know is it works!!  It’s not in the way of anything and I also have a scissor style drying rack for small items. 


Will I go back to the dryer if and when I get it fixed?  Might not!  I’m going to use this for a while and see how it works.  I may just continue to do this.  I’ll save myself some money on electricity….reduce my carbon footprint and get a chuckle every time I look at this contraption! 

On another note, I have three weeks vacation coming in February and I will get back to working on the house.  I do a little here and there each day, but haven’t done anything major in about a week.

I put some new things in my Etsy store today, too.





Till I blog again…


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