Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Almost Can’t Stand the Excitement


I was going to wait until this whole project was done, but I can barely contain my excitement as I see my new kitchen coming together.  I can’t remember if I had previously mentioned that I was planning to paint my kitchen cabinets…..BLACK…..::Surprised smile::    That was my family’s reaction when I told them!    They think I’m crazy, but they also thought I was crazy when I told them I was going to paint the cabinets at our mountain house RED…only to admit later that I knew exactly what I was doing. Thumbs up

Almost as shocking was the wall color I chose.  My daughter said it will look like “Halloween” year round.  I gently corrected her and told her, “uh hem….it’s called “Country French”. 

So, here’s what I had to start with……


I must admit that when I first dabbed on a bit of this wall color, I too was a little taken aback.  But, I don’t have a ton of wall space in this “U” shaped kitchen, and the other things in the room will break up the color.  I would never put this in a large room.


Hence my point when you see how striking this is against the cabinets.  Not done yet, but you get the idea.


I’m over the moon about this!  Look at this UGLY hardware, SCREAMING 1980’s at me.


Heh…check this out!  Brushed satin nickel in a can!  I’m painting all the hardware with this and it looks great against the black. 


I plan to have all the painting done by Friday night.  Hope I’m not being overly optimistic.  Fingers crossed

I’ve also been cutting out fat quarters and want to get those up in my Etsy shop soon. 



I’ll  be back to show you the finished kitchen in a couple of days!


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