Monday, February 6, 2012

The Renovation Begins Again

I’m on vacation this week and told myself that I am going to get the renovation of my new house going again.  My plan is to do the kitchen, which I will start on later today after I go into town to get my supplies.  I got a hair yesterday to paint the wall around the bay window and my front door.   It’s been driving me crazy looking at it.  I also got halfway up the vaulted ceiling and will do some more later today.  While things are drying in the kitchen, I will be in the living room.  I think I can get a lot more done this way.  It’s full speed ahead!

Here’s the wall so far.  The door needs another coat and the inside of the bay hasn’t’ been done yet.  Will do that today and While I’m out, I’ll be looking for a nice valance to go with my other furnishings I’ll be putting in the room.  I’ll show you a picture of that probably tomorrow. 

Can ya see why it’s been making me crazy?  UGLY describes it pretty well.  Only this wall is going to be brown.  The other walls will be the creamy yellow I’ve used in the other areas.  I am getting rid of that brass light fixture. I want something that sits tight to the ceiling, because they didn’t center the fixture over the door and I’m a symmetrical person when I comes to certain things being centered.  Plus, I find the hanging light to be a distraction against the wall.


First Coat


Almost Done


Come back tomorrow to see the progress and sneak peek  at the kitchen.


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