Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Lesson in Self Discipline

It IS in the air. 


Spring that is.  It is so warm today and as much as you would think the prospect of lovely outdoor weather would get a body moving, I’m feeling weighed down this morning.  But, as soon as I finish this blog post, I WILL get up and get to the work at hand.

After I finished my kitchen project, I fell back into being either, unmotivated, or just plain worn out.  I’m pretty sure it’s the latter, because the truth is, as exciting as the prospects are of fixing up a neglected home and turning it into the palace that you see in your mind….it’s EXHAUSTING.

So, here’s where the self discipline comes in.  I had a little conversation with my self the other day and made myself understand, emotionally, as well as intellectually that I can’t WISH these projects into a finished state.  It takes action on my part and so I simply MAKE myself get up and get busy, whether I want to or not.  I have discovered that when I make the effort and just get started,  that feelings follow actions.  Once I get going, I’m ok.

That said, I’ve moved on to the living room.  Got my supplies all loaded up in the bay window.  This room is very difficult, because of the high ceilings.  At the highest point, it’s about 30 FEET!


I plan to chip out that UGLY tile you see at the entry and put in something super nice.  It’s not a huge area, so I can afford to splurge on the tile.  Maybe some travertine? 

Back to the fat quarters I spoke about a couple of posts ago….


I have one more vintage sheet to cut up and then I can bundle them and get them in my Etsy shop.  How pretty is this?  I just adore vintage linens.  I will have some really nice bundles going up.


 With Easter being just around the corner, I headed off to the dollar store, as I often do, to get some crafty stuff.  I picked up a bunch of plastic eggs, some ribbon and some glittery eggs on sticks and this Bag O’ Stuff will become a lovely wreath for my front door.  I’ll take a snap of that when I get it done, which I may be this weekend.






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