Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gosh It’s Been a Minute

I am just totally oblivious sometimes about how long I go between posts.  I left you with a rant last time and then……PLONK!  I do apologize.  
I have taken up my paintbrush once again and started up the stairs.  Before I show you that, here’s the “finished” living room.  I say “finished”, because there are some accessories that I feel this room needs.  Like some new pillows for the couch and what not. 
I have also not done a very good job with the picture taking.  I get halfway through a project and forget that I didn’t take a before picture.  Then I forget to save the original pictures.  I must try to be better at that.
I didn’t take a picture of the other side of the room, because it’s hard to take a picture into a sunny window.  But I did get a fairly good shot of my new valance.  I love the texture and the fringe.
From Whence We Came
This is the other side of the room and I am not happy with this.  It’s too light in comparison to the other side.  So, I’m going to repaint this mirror and shelf, black.  I also don’t like the topiary there, so that’s gone now.  The room is just out of balance. 

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