Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Away But Not Idle~House Updates

As you can see, I’ve been away for over a month, but I came out of my funk and got back to working on this house.  I’ve been on vacation since last Friday and have gotten a lot done since then!

I have a lot of pictures for you today (click them to see them larger) and let’s start off with the high wall that’s been a thorn in my side since I started this project. 

Remember that corner that I just couldn’t reach?  Well, I borrowed an aluminum extension ladder and I though cool, I got this now.  Well, I got about half-way up that thing and started feeling very uneasy, so I had to come down.  DEFEATED….once again!  So, I though..OK…put on your thinking cap, Deb.  This popped into my head!



This thing is small, about 1.5 X 2.0 inches.  I taped it to the end of my long pole and was able to paint that dang corner up there and with a fairly neat edge!  When there’s a will…there’s a way!  That sucker is finally done!  I fought with it for months.


And, do ya notice something else?  Remember that butt ugly light that was there?  Finally gone!  I love the simplicity of this brushed nickel pendant.


I also have the doors upstairs almost finished.  All I have to do is paint one side of the bathroom and my bedroom doors, hang them back up and I’m done with that.  I sprayed the hardware with the same satin nickel paint I used on the kitchen hardware.  LOVE that stuff.  I just can’t believe how new and up to date my house is looking now.  Goodbye 80’s!


The doorway to the right in that picture is my craft room, which I haven’t started on yet.  It’s a toss up as to whether I want to do this room next, or the downstairs bathroom.  The bathroom will probably win, because I want to have the main floor finished by Christmas.

BUT, here’s a sneak peek of the style and color scheme I’ve chosen for my craft room.  I found a pair of these gorgeous curtains at the thrift store and I picked out this light blue from the fabric, which will be the wall color with bright white trim and ceiling.  I’m so excited to get this done!.


I’m to the point in this process where I feel I can start adding some decorative touches.  Of course, as we all know..that’s an evolution that is never-ending, but I’m getting a start on it.

I took the picture that was hanging here and put it on the staircase wall as you can see in the previous photo and replaced it with these things.  The train pictures are old and were my dad’s.  The violin was my grandfather’s and I remember him playing it for my sister and I when we were little. Very sentimental things.   I’m going to add some stars I’m making from a tutorial I found on Pinterest




The rest of these are just for your viewing pleasure.  I’ve been bitten by the fall bug, too!  Fall is my favorite season and as soon as I think it’s half-way appropriate to pull out the fall decorations, I DO!

My Living Room


My Fall Bouquets


My Awesome Cloche I Got at

Homegoods for only $12.99!



Nut Dish


Black Crow Arrangement


My Grandson, Mason & a Fat Red Cardinal


Jim and I on the Mountain

and my Mom’s Boyd Bear Figurines




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