Friday, November 30, 2012

One Year Later~Feeling Festive

I cannot believe a year has passed since the first moving boxed crossed the threshold into this DIY world I’ve been living in.  My first Christmas here was obligatory and I just wanted to get it over with more than anything.  I put up my tree next to stacks of boxes……dirty walls and muddled through the holidays. 

Even in my previous home, Christmas was difficult to do in only 950 square feet.  Adding a tree and all the other decorations just made the walls close in on me even more.

This year is so different.  I’ve gotten 99.9% of the main floor finished, except for a few minor details.   It feels like home now.  I haven’t put my tree up yet, but I’ve really been enjoying the decorating this year and feel very much in the spirit.

I’ve had this old barn wood frame for years and have never quite known what to do with it until now.  I found this great chalkboard typeface printable on Pinterest and decided it would be perfect in this frame.  The frame is larger than the print, so I needed a mat of some sort.  In keeping with the style, I decided plain cardboard would work just fine and it’s thrifty, too!  The old stick is actually part of a chair back that I dug out of our wood pile up on the mountain.  Old, cracked and chippy…just how I like it!  I figured out something to do with it as well!




A Little White-Washing……..






Some Simple Embellishments……..












I saw a pinecone tree somewhere online the other day and I fell in love with it.  Of course, they wanted a small fortune for it, so I thought I’d try making my own.  It doesn’t look exactly like the one I saw, but I’m really loving it!  It’s actually quite large as you can see from the photo.  This shelf is in my living room and I have so much fun changing out the decorations with the seasons and holidays. 




The balls in the picture below are hand painted.  I took some glass balls and spray painted them flat black and then I hand painted the plaid design on them.  I plan to do a whole bunch of them for my tree, but I need to get some red ribbon so I can add bows to the tops.




I’ve always wanted a dramatic staircase that I could decorate and now I have one, but it’s not easy or cheap to come up with decorations that rise to the occasion.  So, I took a tartan plaid table cloth and made a drape.  I added a piece of garland….some glittery beads and glass balls to it and it looks really cool.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It really is awesome when you can see the room as a whole.




I love looking down into the living room from the landing.




Look what I found at a junk shop!  The things people cast off, I tell ya!  I LOVE this basket and it makes the perfect centerpiece for my table!  It was dusty and needed some sprucing up, and now it looks so nice.  The mat is a single black velvet placemat that someone gave me and I just love the plaid edging. 




I got the little Santa and snowman cups at the dollar store of all places and I stuck these little bottle brush trees inside .  LOVE that! 







I hope all of you are feeling festive and in the spirit!  I am looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus this season.  God has been so good to me this year!


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