Friday, November 23, 2012

What I Lack in Quantity…House Updates

I hope I make up for in quality.  Meaning that since I don’t post as often as I’d like to, I hope that I catch you up good!  :-)

It probably seems a bit odd that I’d be posting about this on the Thanksgiving holiday, as most of you are in a tryptophan coma right now and hardly thinking about blogs.   My extended family has gotten so large that we can’t possibly all get together everywhere at the same time, so we split it up and I’m having my dinner this afternoon.  This works out great for me, because I always have to work the day before and it’s difficult to get up so early and cook all day, to the point of exhaustion and it kinda knocks some of the joy out of it.   It’s nice to have an entire day before the big dinner to prepare things at my leisure.  In addition, my daughter works in retail and is working the night shift to get ready for the madness of Black Friday, so she will come to my house after work and sleep for a while until dinner.

That said….I have some updates on the house project.  Last I left you, I was ill and just had a few slathers of green paint on the walls in my little powder room.  Much has taken place since then.

Although this powder room was just nasty as a whole, the sink was extra yucky. I will say in it’s defense, that it was a high quality, solid ceramic sink.  Heavy as all get-out, but it had been badly scratched and the drain and faucet were just….well…you can see. 


Click For a Larger View



The trim work in this room is kind of unconventional with the wooden “backsplash”.  I contemplated taking it off and doing something else with it, but I wanted to keep cost down and work to a minimum, so I stuck with my…….and PLEASE excuse my off-colored term…...go ahead and attempt to  polish a turd.  You will see in the following photos that I did so rather successfully!




Here’s a wider view of what I was faced with.




I went ahead and started on the walls and it was the first time in my life that I wondered if I had chosen a bad color.  I’ve always been pretty good at choosing the colors from the picture I have in my head about how the finished product will look.  A little apprehensive, I forged ahead.  After all, I couldn’t waste a gallon of paint!




I also started working on the vanity.  Fortunately, it’s a solid wood and well constructed, but the finish had worn off and almost had a weathered appearance to it.  I sanded and primed it, along with the doors before painting it a nice country white and my vision was beginning to feel a bit more real.

But that sink!  I had to get rid of that sink!




Now mind you…..I have NEVER done this before.  Plumbing and electrical always gets my freaky meter going, but I’ve seen it done enough times that I decided to face my fears and go for it.

I learned that it’s easiest to put the faucet and what-not on first so you don’t spend three days under the sink,  in tight quarters,  trying to screw everything together.  So, I assembled it on the dining room table.  Ain’t she purdy?




So, I turned off the water supply under the sink and went about taking out the old one.  It was pretty easy, since the dang thing wasn’t even attached to the vanity!  Who knows how that happened.  As I may have mentioned before, the people who owned this house before me were no DIY-ers!  It was just a matter of removing the supply lines and the drain and voila!  She’s out!




After scraping all the crud off from around the opening with a blade scraper, it was time to put the new sink in place.  I ran a bead of caulk around the opening like they do on HGTV (chuckle)  and then I put the clips on to hold the sink to the vanity….wiped up the excess caulk and moved on to the scary part!   I reused the old supply lines, because they’re not cheap to replace and they looked like they weren’t that old.  It’s usually not a good idea to cut corners like that, but if it leaked, I’d just have to run and get some new ones.  Not a huge deal.  I was just sure that something was going to go wrong, like it always does…..and I’d find myself back at Home Depot buying more parts.

To my surprise, I tightened everything down…turned the water back on and NO LEAKS!  I was doing the happy dance!!  I probably should have taken the picture with the water running, but trust me…it was , and is,  fully functional!




I have always wanted to frame out a bathroom mirror with molding like I see them do on TV, so I I was browsing around HD looking for something nice, but not too pricey.  They had a little bargain bin on the end of one of the aisles and I found what is supposed to be used to frame out a door.  It was a little boogered up, but they only wanted $6.00 for it and I thought….HEY…I can use this to frame out the mirror!  It’s interesting and fancy!

Ignore the garish look of the wall color in this photo.  I took it at night and the lighting wasn’t the best.  That’s not a true representation of the color.




Here’s some shots of the finished product after I trimmed it out….touched up the paint and caulked all the gaps.  I want to do something different with the accessories when I find the right stuff, but I couldn’t wait to show you. 

This is a true representation of the wall color.  It’s an olive-ish green.










I think this is an amazing transformation.  It looks nothing like it did before!

Final Cost:  $132.71

My next project……The Craft Room!


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