Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let Me Catch You Up

Look at me!  Posting TWO  days in a row!  I guess you have time for what you MAKE time for. 

I decided to get in the Autumn spirit and change the look of my blog a bit.  Graphic art is my passion, so changing with the seasons gives me a fresh perspective.  Life always seems to pull me in 20 different directions, but I always come back to what I love.  Blogging….graphics….nesting and of course…PINTEREST

I needed to be reminded of this today. 


And chaos has been in full swing around here this year.  It started way back in March when my youngest son’s wife decided she didn’t want to be married anymore, so she took my grand babies and went to her grandmother’s house, leaving my son devastated, broken and penniless.  She said she was just going away for a week to “think”, but she showed up three days later with divorce papers in hand.

I’ve spent the last many months trying to help him get through it.  He moved home for a couple of months to be near to family, which he desperately needed at the time.  He still does to a degree.  The divorce was finalized just this past week and fortunately, they were able to sit down and hammer out an agreement they could both live with and one that is fair.  God is always in the details, even when he allows certain events to take place in our lives.  It is so hard in the midst of it all to see the rainbow in the clouds, and that is when our faith is truly tested.

almost felt as if it was me who was going through this as well, because I hurt right along with him.  This girl was family and she didn’t just leave my son, she left all of us.  We had developed a great relationship and I felt as if she were another daughter for me.  Now we barely speak.  Blood truly is thicker than water and she resented me for helping my son with the divorce.  He was paralyzed and not doing anything.  He couldn’t face it and was completely overwhelmed with the whole process.  What else could I do?   He was drowning and I couldn’t stand by and do nothing.  This was about the next 16+ years of his life and the lives of my grand babies. 

I am still working hard to make sure that they are affected as little as possible by all of this.  My son has them half the time and we all work hard to give them a positive influence. 

On the flip-side of that, I have felt myself being weighed down and keyed up with all this worrying about everyone else in the family.  Prayer has made me understand that I MUST let go of  this.  They are grown and I need to let them make their own mistakes and navigate the world on their own.  I need to be there when they need me, but shut my mouth until they ask.  When I made the decision to let go of this, I did feel a lot better.  Who am I to think I can take care of them better than my Father in Heaven?  Silly me!

So, my job is done and now it’s me time.  Working on this house has given me so much joy and I only have two more rooms to do!  After that, I can get on with the joy of creating and just enjoying the fruits of my labor.


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