Saturday, January 23, 2016

I’m Back….

I sat down today and went to visit some of my favorite blogs……blogs that I haven’t thought to visit in a very long time.  I suddenly  realized how much I miss blogging.  I also realized that my life has changed to the point where I have more time and could actually pick it up again.  So, here I am.

I thought maybe I should go back and read some of my previous posts so that I would have an idea where to pick up again, but then decided just to start fresh from right now.

I’m a class A truck driver who worked in the oil field  for a year before the boom ended.  Went through a rough winter last year, but by the grace of God, I made it through OK.  We’ve transitioned to other types of work and life is back to normal speed, but with one exception…..I have MORE time!  Not gonna gripe about it either, because I want to blog and create again.  There’s been a void.

One thing I’m NOT going to do this time around is try to do too many things at once.  I closed my graphics site that I once had and there’s not much in my Etsy shops.  That may change later, but for now, I’m content with just blogging.

So, I’m going to spend some time getting my blog up to par and get some content together and I’ll be here as often as I can!


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