Monday, February 1, 2016

Our Newest Addition

I must fill you in on the newest addition to our family.  My new granddaughter, Zaylah Louise Zornes,  came to us just two days after Christmas.  I had taken vacation over the holidays and it worked out perfectly, although she was a week early.  Funny how God works things like that out for us, right?  My daughter needed her mommy too!
My daughter, Caty, had a fairly long labor.  About 36 hours.  It was wonderful to be there for her and to witness the actual birth of one of my grand children. Miraculous, for sure.  I am so happy to be able to help her through the early days.  I remember how rough the sleepless nights were, but she is very lucky to have a really good baby.  She sleeps and eats well.
I love grand-parenting.  I feel so much more confident in my abilties than  I did when mine were young.  However, it wasn’t until my first grand child was born that the magic secret for keeping newborns quiet was revealed to me.  Swaddling.  How did I not know about this before?  I’ve seen it done, yes, but didn’t realize it was the key ingredient  to keeping newborns  happy.  My youngest son did it with his two and now we’ve done it with Zaylah, and it’s a true sanity saver!  Swaddle your babies.
I got a snow day today!  Much needed, too.  It’s been a very long week.  56 hours is a lot for this old gal.  Chances are, with the amount of snow predicted, I will  not work the rest of the week.  So, I will spend it doing fun things, like making Christmas ornaments for next year and working on my house some more!
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