Monday, October 23, 2017

A Sleep Experiment and Getting Things Done

I was reading an article this morning about the negative aspects of having a television in your bedroom.  Loss in quality and quantity of sleep was the take-away for me.  As much as I love watching TV in bed at night before I go to sleep, I know that I don't sleep as well as I could.  I rarely turn it off and end up going to sleep in the middle of a late night episode of Roseanne.

So, I moved the TV to my office.  If I can stick to it, this will solve another problem I've had since cutting the cord with my cable company.  I'll save on data usage.  Xfinity gives us 1 terabyte a month, which should be more than enough for anybody, right?  Well, we went over that in the month of September due to all the video streaming we do since getting rid of cable TV.  I use DirecTv Now, Netflix and CBS All Access.  

With the TV in my office, I won't be streaming CBS all day long on my laptop.  I can simply watch it over the air waves and save myself tons of data usage.  I spend a great deal of time in here and when I'm downstairs in the family room, I can use the airwaves as well.  

Hopefully I can stick to it better than I have with giving up Diet Pepsi.  That's one I can't seem to whoop.

I will try this for a few nights and see how it goes.  I figure if I can't go to sleep without it, I'm just not tired enough yet and I'll get back up until I am.

I've been at the sewing machine this morning working on a small pile of mending that I've needed to do for some time now.  I also hemmed two pairs of brand new pants that I've had for over a year and never worn.  I am.....or used to be 5'11" and always bought pants in talls.  However, as I've gotten older I swear I have shrunk.  Talls are just too long.  I read that we can shrink as much as 3" in our later years.

I did a test last time I ordered pants online and got the average length. I figured I could exchange them if they ended up too short.   I'll be darned, they are just right.  

As a side note, if you are in the market for a new sewing machine that works beautifully without breaking the bank, this one is it!  I paid just under $200.00 for this machine and it sews like butter!  Not to mention is has dozens of build in stitches.  Quiet, smooth and easy to use.  Also comes with a detachable extended platform.  It is the Brother HC1850 Computerized.  It has made sewing enjoyable again!


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