Sunday, October 22, 2017

Does the World Make You Feel Plain?

I love Sunday mornings.  It's on this day that I languish at the computer more than any other day of the week.  My craft room/office is the sunniest place in the house and I love spending time in here.  Sometimes I just lean back in my chair, stare out the window and think.

Since I've had so much time on my hands lately, I do a lot of thinking about my life and where my journey has taken me.

I'm 57 years old and by some people's standards, I probably haven't accomplished a lot.  I was in my 50's before I bought my first home and I was also in my 50's before I broke the $50,000.00 a year mark in income. In today's economy, that's probably not the fortune that my mind always thought it would be.

I had my first child, unmarried, at the age of 19 and had two more from a single marriage that was destined to fail....and it did.  I'll tell you about my Mister later on. 

We grew up poor and I knew we were poor.  I remember my grandmother dragging us to the thrift stores looking for clothing and other items and I remember how much I hated it.  

Our cars were old,  as was most everything we owned.  We rarely bought anything new and we squeezed every bit of use out of the things we did have.  

Of course, back then, people repaired things.  We didn't live in the disposable society we do now.  I remember replacing the tubes in our TV sets and they even had repair shops to repair things as small as a toaster.  Our appliances lasted longer.  I remember my grandmother having the same washer and dryer set for 20 years.  Nowadays, you're lucky if you get 10 years out of an appliance. My washing machine, for instance.  Less than 10 years and it's done.

This morning I'm what?  I would love to go back to those days and I wish I would have had the wisdom to see just how wonderful those days were.  If I had, I would have enjoyed them instead of struggling to get through them.

It's worse now, but I think even back then, people thought they needed more.....something "better".  I wish I knew where that came from.  How did keeping up with the Jones' start?

What if I never go any further than I am right now?  What if I just settle for how things are now and never work to get "ahead"?  I think it's ok, because I'm exhausted and stressed with trying to make sure I have the recommended million dollars I will need to retire "comfortably".    I think I could be comfortable on far less.  I think I'll have to, actually.  Haha

I think living a simple life is being ok with not having everything the world thinks you need to have.  To be satisfied with an uncomplicated standard of living.  To be OK with what you see in the mirror......mediocrity.  

Who can keep up with the world?  Why should I want to?  

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2
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