Sunday, October 15, 2017

Nothing is Certain But Uncertainty

The Cardiologist stuck a stick in my spokes on Friday.

Just when I thought all was good to go for my surgery on Wednesday, she calls and tells me that she didn't like what she saw on the scans taken at my stress test appointment.  She said that the stent they put in my artery back in 2004 has occluded again and needs to be cleared before I can have my surgery.  She doesn't want me to go under general anesthesia.

That's not the worst part.  The worst part is that after this procedure is done, she said I would have to be on a number of medications for 6 MONTHS before I can get my shoulder fixed.  

Fear set it.  Since this is a work comp injury, I'm being paid for lost wages until I finish my course of treatment for my shoulder.  If I have the heart surgery before the shoulder surgery, I will not be paid for the 6 months in between.  There is no way I can survive that long without any money coming in.

I went into a panic and my mind started racing.  Considering all the things that would be coming down the road should this happen to me.  I won't be able to pay my mortgage, my car payment....what am I going to do!

There's one glimmer of hope left here.  The rotator cuff repair can be done with what they call an "Interscalene Nerve Block".  You're still awake for the procedure, but they numb your entire arm and shoulder for the surgery.  This would not have been my choice, but if it means getting my arm fixed as originally planned, I'll deal with it.  

Being that it was Friday when I got this news, I of course have to wait the weekend to find out if it's a go or not.

After fretting my self silly, I did what I should have done first.  I looked to God and reminded myself that He is in charge and he will not let me fall.  

So, I wait.  It's a beautiful SONday here in Colorado and I intend to enjoy it.  I intend to savor this day and not worry about the days to come.  I'm not sure what the take away will be here, but it's always an adventure!

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