Friday, November 3, 2017

A Beautiful Friday

It was a beautiful day in Colorado.  Cold and overcast in the morning and then blue sky began to peer through in the afternoon.  Every season is wonderful when you live this close to the great Rocky Mountains.

My Mister was out walking the property today where he lives and caught a rare sight.  Bears after the bug zapper.  They must like the smell of dead bugs.  The baby is so cute!

This is the view from a restaurant called 'Vern's Place'.  It's at the base of the Rist canyon.  My Mister often goes down there in the mornings to have breakfast and he sent me this.

Today was a pretty good day for me.  Although my check isn't here yet, I did get my vacation pay from my job. Since I won't be back at work before the end of the year, they went ahead and paid me for it.  A pleasant surprise and I have a little extra money now.

I worked on the fireplace today, but still have a section to complete and then I'll show it to ya.  I think I'm going to like it.

One bad thing about living in a townhouse is lack of windows and light.  I only have windows on the front and back of the house.  Nothing on the sides, so it tends to be dark in here at certain times of the day.  The white makes it brighter, so I'm considering painting everything white down there in the family room.

I have 30 foot ceilings with a sky light in the main living room and stairwell, so it's bright in there for most of the day.

It feels good to feel good and feel like getting things done.  Say that three times fast!  Haha

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