Sunday, November 19, 2017


That's what I've had to do.  Detach. You become good at detachment after 13 years of disappointment, worry and sadness.  

My son left the house on Monday, the 13th and I didn't hear from him until Friday morning when he messaged and asked if he could come by and get some clothes for work.  I told him ok and he slipped in and out in less than 5 minutes and didn't speak to me at all.  He was clearly angry with me.

But, that's the nature of an addict.  When they're using, everything wrong with their life is everyone elses fault.  But....somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows that's a lie.  He's been through rehab and what they put in his head is still there.  Somewhere. my detachment, life goes on.  I refuse to worry or carry the burden any longer.  

Thanksgiving plans are being made as usual.  My daughter and I are making the preparations and having a great time doing so.  We're trying new recipes and she wants to try her hand at cake decorating.  We bought some icing bags and tips from Amazon.  These are a great price and you get a lot of tips.  Bags are reusable as well.  I'll post the results here later, no matter how it turns out.  Haha

I'm guessing my surgery will probably take place some time in the middle of December if my calculations are right.  However, who knows.  Nothing has been predictable throughout this whole thing, so I've gotten pretty good at adjusting my sails.

I need to finish my Christmas my cards and get some things done beforehand.  Christmas will come and go as usual and I'll enjoy it no matter.

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