Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Let's Try This Again

I went to see a new cardiologist today who is in my insurance network and I've been scheduled for the Angiogram next Tuesday, the 7th.  

I felt really encouraged when I left, because he said that the fact that I'm asymptomatic is a good sign.  He said the stress test could have shown a false positive since, in my case, the amount of breast tissue can often skew the images.  He also said that sometimes when we get a blockage in an artery, the body will organically create it's own bypass around the blockage.  That could be what's happened with me.  He won't know until he gets in there, but I felt pretty good when I left.

I have another appointment in the morning with my primary doctor and then I'm free until next Tuesday.  

I plan to busy myself with some projects around the house.  I need to do some touch up painting and I want to change up the wall colors around the fireplace in the family room.  

This is how it looked when I first finished it and I think I'm going to paint that strip between the mantle and the top of the brick the same white as the rest of it and I even contemplated painting the center all the way up to the ceiling to make it more dramatic.  And I definitely want to paint over that brass on the glass doors.

The mantle is so plain.  I was thinking about going to Home Depot and getting some nice trim pieces to give it a bit more interest.  

I'll let you know how it all turns out!

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