Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Female Hugh Hefner

ONLY for the fact that I stayed in my pajamas all day.  I do it a lot on weekends, but usually on Sunday rather than Saturday.  I just wasn't feelin' the getting dressed part today.  

I made my bed though.  When I'm not working, I always make my bed.  A room can be spotless, but if the bed's not made, it looks a mess.  I just like how it makes me feel when my bedroom is tidy.

I was going to finish up the wall in the family room, but my daughter's boyfriend was here and they were all downstairs hanging out, so I decided I should probably wait until Monday.

For the most part, I've been doing a little laundry and hanging out in my craft room watching Velocity TV.  I know...not something a lot of women would like to watch, but I am a fan of car restoration.  Especially cars from my youth...the 70s.  Muscle cars.  I love it!

I got very sleepy around noon and took a nap for about an hour.  I rarely nap, but it did perk me up quite a bit. My brain is usually on overdrive and I can't shut it off, so napping isn't really a thing for me most of the time.

All I can do is laugh at this, but remember when my washing machine pooped out a couple of weeks ago?  Well, the dryer is going now.  It took three cycles to dry a batch of towels today, so I know it's dying.  Normally one round is all it takes to get things good and dry.

Fortunately, they have the dryer that matches my washer on sale until the end of the month, so I'll get that when my check comes in.  It'll be the first time in years I've had a matched set.

I feel like there's so many lessons to be learned through this.  Work keeps a person sane.  Being at home so much is not as great as I thought it would be.  I mean...there's only so much tidying you can do and there's only so much you can do with limited funds.  We'll see if that changes when the money comes in.  I think work is part of God's design for our lives.  If I were a young, married housewife with minor children, it would be different.  

It was different.  I remember those days when I didn't work outside the home and I was busy from sun up to sundown, taking care of a house and three children.  There wasn't much time for boredom.  There wasn't much time for me.  I sometimes stayed in pajamas out of time constraints,  rather than leisure.  I remember driving my kids to school on snowy my pajamas.  Then I'd go back home and relax with a cup of coffee for a few minutes before I had to start my day.

They say it's worse for men.  Oftentimes depression sets in and that's why a lot of men pass on soon after they retire.  God knew what he was doing when he put us to work.

So...what I've learned thus far since I've been God.  Have faith and just enjoy the journey.  Do not be afraid.

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