Monday, November 6, 2017

Where Have They Gone

I was organizing some files on my computer yesterday and I ran across a 3 page Word document with links to blogs I saved over the years. There were several hundred of them. I decided to go through them and see who's still out there and find some good reads among them. 

I was so surprised after I had gone through 2 pages worth and only found one that was worth following.  All the rest were either gone, or there hadn't been an entry in months, sometimes years.  Broken images....abandoned.  

I just have to wonder why they all just faded away?  It's not that blogging has gone away.  Every picture you click on Pinterest leads to a blog, but they're all so commercial now.  So many ads on them that you can barely stay focused on the parts you came there to see.  I just hate when I'm reading something and an ad or....sign up for my newsletter...pops up and covers it up.  Or the page is jumping up and down because more ads are trying to load.  I have ads on my blog, but I've tried to make them as unobtrusive as possible.  I don't fault people for trying to make a little money blogging, but as a reader, some of it's just so annoying that I don't even bother to stay. 

I think what I'm really missing are the ordinary blogs about the lives of ordinary people.  There aren't but a handful.  

I want to see misshapen birthday cakes, granny squares, backyard gardens and I want to read stories of faith and strength in difficult circumstances.  Perfection is so uninteresting.

If you know of any blogs like this out there, please share!


So, I'm going to finish the wall around the fireplace and post it sometime this week.  I may not blog tomorrow, because I'm going in for my angiogram.  But I'll be back!

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